The Official Dark Realm MUD Server - v1.00.0008 (10/07/2004)

The Dark Realm MUD server is a MUDd (daemon) coded 100% in Visual Basic (6). It's feature list includes or is going to include all the basics of a good MUD. Player creation, adventuring in a vast overworld, battling mobiles (mobs), riding mobs such as horses, communicating with other adventurers you see around the world, and a host of other features.

As of right now, we are only in the planning and predevelopment stages. Check out the source if you want to. Also, after you download the database and source, get all the CVS files (note: cvs is usually 24 hrs behind the actual commit, or so it seems) for all the current files to update yours with.

If you wish to join the team, email me at Also, send me comments, suggestions, or just plain fan mail.


Before downloading, please note that all work contained herein is copyrighted material. By downloading and using this program, you cannot sell a part or the whole of this source or binary. Also, all room descriptions and text are created for this MUD by the room builders, and is also copyrighted by them. Don't let this discourage you, you can use all this freely, just put a little heading in your login saying that your using this server and don't try to steal our source. Enjoy!

Program (v1.00.0008):
Binary (Source)

Database (v1.00.0008):
You MUST have this if your running stock and want the new features! (Contains the world and such)

Oh, and full project information is available here.

We love sourceforge, so visit them (especially since they host us): Logo